Product Review- WisePalace Ice Molds

I received this ice mold and coaster set from WisePalace. This is what I think about this product after using it for over a week.
I really like this set! I think that it is a great duo combination and something that you wouldn’t think to get if you are having drinks with friends for the night. I found it extremely easy to use the ice mold and in my whiskey tumblers I only needed to use one ice ball. I like that the coasters don’t slide and you have to pick them up to move them because I have had a lot of spilled drinks from coasters sliding as someone tries to put a a drink down. I am not a fan of the intense rubbery smell. I washed it twice and it still has the smell of rubber but it is not as strong as when I recieved it. I supposed after time and more washes it will fade. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. Other then the overwhelming smell, I thought that this was a great set.
Need to know how to get it? Click here:
Ice Mold Combo


Product Review- Gmetal 5

I got this flashlight that is also a lantern from NightProvision. This is the interesting story that I experienced while learning to use this flashlight:
There are so many neat ways to use this light. I got this to try for my camping trip that is coming up in two weeks. I always want something bright and hate buying those flashlights that take the huge batteries that cost more than the light to replace but it seems like nothing is as bright or gives off as much light as them. I wasn’t expecting much until I flipped this light on and about blinded myself and my kid at the same time! This light is ridiculously bright. It’s going to be great for our camping trip. After charging it a little bit longer because yes, this does have a rechargeable battery, we read the instructions that came with it and discovered it is better than we thought. There is a dimmer flashlight mode and in case you need someone to seize out in the woods or where ever you need the flashlight, there is also a strobe light! Then you can switch it over to the lantern, the light on the side of the flashlight, and it is also very bright or you can dim it to the strength that you need. The instructions are very detailed about every possible thing that you may have a question about. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. This is a very handy light for all occasions.
If you think this is handy, go check it out!
Gmetal-5 Flashlight

Product Review- Sumpri Ice Molds

I got these awesome Ice Molds to try from sumpri. This is what I think after using this product:
There isn’t anything that I can complain about with these ice molds! I was extremely eager to received these and put them to the test. Round ice molds have been something that I have looked at for some time and have been excited to try since a friend had showed me the product. I quickly washed both the molds and filled them with water to set. After some time I came back to check on them ready for a drink. The round ice mold was easy to fill and very stable so when I took it out of the freezer it was all frozen and ready to drop in a drink. I could only fit two in my glass regular sized cup. Next I took out the square molds to check and they had not frozen all the way through yet. When I had filled the mold up with water, it was not as stable as the round set. It didn’t take much longer for it to set and be ready for a glass. I could also only fit two of the large square ice cubes in my glass. They were larger than I expected and had my family talking about how fun they were. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. If you are wanting something for the summer during the bbq and family get together, try these ice molds and have your family laughing and having a good time.
Wanna check it out? Sumpri Ice Molds

Product Review- Sefcard Credit Card Protector Sleeve

This is a product review for Credit Card protector sleeves from Sefcard.
These sleeves are super adorable! That’s what really drew me to them is the vibrant and beautiful designs. With everything that is happening it is not to crazy to be careful and keep yourself protected in every aspect. Listening to the news when I wake up in the morning or reading it in the afternoons, I can almost guarantee that there has been a breach in identity somewhere. These are wonderful. They’re like little gift card sleeves with eye popping designs. They’d be great to give someone a prepaid visa or master card in. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. I think they are adorable and great to keep everything organized and safe.
Check it out:
 Sefcard Protectors

What’s in my Bag?

Let’s play the game of what’s in my bag. This should be interesting considering that I throw everything in my purse without even thinking about it. I can’t even imagine how much trash is tucked away in my purse from being on the run with the kiddo. I guess we should just jump right on it now and see what discoveries there are waiting to be found.

  • The first thing that I pull out of my bag is a writing journal. I use it whenever I have any kind of thought that I want to keep or come across something that is poetic that I’ve said and want to use in some of my writing.
  • Next, that is pulled out, is my grocery list from last week that I never took out and just tucked in when I was done checking everything off. It is completely organized by different sections like produce and dairy.
  • I pulled out an empty notebook. I saw it and bought it cause it’s a good size for my bag but I haven’t used it yet. I don’t know if it will be a specific notebook or just one that has everything and it’s brother written down in it. 
  • I have a travel pack of tissues. I have crazy allergies…and a 6 year old. It’s necessary; Trust me.
  • My checkbook is next. It is pink with silver zebra stripes that are reflective and in the stripes is like a cheetah print. The way I am explaining this isn’t really doing it justice. It is super adorable. I got it from a super sweet pharmacist when I worked in the pharmacy years ago. It makes me think of her all the time and I don’t want to switch to another even though I have been using this one for years and years. Almost 5 years to be exact. It also holds my stamps which is handy.
  • EPIPEN. Uh, yeah. There are stingy things in the world and stingy things don’t react well to my body soo, i prefer no death. Epipen is very crucial to my health or insane amount of benadryl. To give you an idea. When I get stung I take about 2-3 pills every 3-5 mins until the swelling stops. You can imagine and just fyi, I prefer the high dosage verses the epipen. I’m still scared of needles. 
  • Post it notes. Sometimes you just need them for reminders or even a little mischief.
  • A bouncy ball. Haha! I don’t even know! It’s purple and swirly.
  • A comb. Little dudes have to brush their hair sometimes too.
  • Hand sanitizer. I love hand gel. Like at an obsessive point. It’s the pocketbac from bath and body works, Japanese cherry blossom. I’m using it now.  Why does this stuff smell so good? 
  • A little wallet. My kiddo uses it to keep his money in. He never uses his wallet. Money goes in it and comes out mine. 
  • Inhaler. Again, allergies are crazy. The kiddo has a mild asthma and it really flares up in season changes. I also was diagnosed asthma and have worked extremely hard to not be on an inhaler. My breathing has gone up dramatically but it still feels like I can’t breathe when I’m running or when going up a lot of stairs. Hopefully I will be done with daily inhalers by next month and eventually the emergency one.
  •  Another pack of tissues
  • Glitter Gloss. There is nothing wrong with this. It’s glitter! Who doesn’t love glitter? Plus in a gloss form. Heck to the YES!
  • TMNT germx. Germ fighting ninjas make for a good day.
  • Another pack of post it notes
  • Classic Chapstick
  • A sparkle bag. No, it’s not covered in sparkles sadly. It just says sparkle with faded lights in the background. It holds 1.15 cents. I’m rolling in change.
  • A hair tie.Essential
  • Pack of Orbit gum with one piece in it.
  • A tube of Chap Ice.
  • A single post it note with something written on it
  • Another bath and body works pocketbac hand sanitizer in the fragrance of  beautiful day. Yes, I just used it. Yes, it smells amazing!
  • A wet wipe from BDubbs
  • 5 sheets of loose paper with bits and pieces of stories on it. 
  • 7 cough drops
  • …another travel pack of tissues
  • Tummy medicines
  • Ooppps another cough drop
  • Oh hey, another inhaler
  • 2 Propel water packets. Berry flavor of course, is anything else as good?
  • A fruit roll up. Yum!
  • 11 pens
  • 2 Pencils
  • I found another hand santizer. Its vanilla sugar. (Holy crap, it smells good.)
  • A painted rock. Yes, I apparently am carrying a rock in my purse. Thanks kid.
  • A lazer pointer
  • A mint from sonic
  • Oh, hey! There is another rock in the bottom of my purse.
  • Half of an Easter egg.
  • Burts Bees Lip Balm Vanilla Bean.
  • 5 little rippy bits of trash
  • A “love” keychain
  •  4 bobby pins
  • Oh hey, guess what? A germx pen. It’s filled with cinnamin germx
  • 3 safety pins
  • An itsy teeny die
  • 2.60 in change just floating around in the bottom of my bag. It is now going into the sparkle bag.
  • A blue cheetah print bag. It’s contents contain: 3 set of headphones, another die, a pin from the Kentucky Baptist Convention, and a small Darth Vader figure
  • Two tiny little knuckle fighters for Raphael action figure. 

There are so many random things. I can’t even describe half of them being in there or why they are in there. Hope you all enjoyed this tid bit of completely useless information.

    Product review- premium cocktail shaker

    This premium cocktail shaker was sent to me to learn how to use. This is what I think of the product.
    This shaker set is great and I have had so much fun using it and learning new recipes. I have another shaker that I have a hard time putting the lid and cover on. This one seems to have everything fit together on it perfectly. The pourers are something nice and extra that you don’t normally get. The bag is velvety soft and helps keep all of your items together which I always have an issue with. The receipe book that comes with this has some great ideas to help you along and learning to use it. I received this item at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. I think this is a great shaker set and it is worth trying and having.

    If you want to check it out and buy it here is the link:

    Just say it

    Ever have those days that when you have to interact with someone and you just want to slip in a, ‘Oh hey, just in case you don’t know, I sorta hate you.’ I can’t even begin to explain how much my blood boils when I have to talk to this person. Almost every single time I have to speak with this person I get angry. It’s a pity party because we don’t have life together and its a my life stinks but I can’t do that. You know, if you would act like an adult and do what you are supposed to do then, oh i dunno, it might benefit you more than you would think.
    Let me explain the life of an average adult. You have problems that, weirdly enough, come with  life and everyone has to struggle through. Literally every person on this planet is struggling with problems. Oh your problems and worries are greater than anyone else? That is insane and one of the biggest lie I’ve ever. You have problems just like I do, just like my neighbor does, as did my great great grandmother, and the small Indonesian woman does. We may not have the same problems but there is almost guarantee that you and I are in the same stress level about what ever issue is causing pressure in each of our lives. 
    I let said person have a piece of my mind and said exactly what I feel about this issue. Not only is this person cause stressing in their own life but it is causing me a great deal of stress trying to deal with their incompetence that pours over into my life. Generally, I think I am a pretty nice person and try to help out as much as I can with everyone. Once you let me down so many times I stop trying to get involved in your life. That’s just all there is to it. Show me that you are committed as I am and things run steady.
    All I can say is you bring this on yourself when you only worry about yourself. Help thy neighbor they say. I do until my neighbor can’t look at me or even sprinkle a little water my way. Then I move and it all gets left behind.

    Things I need…

    I was talking to my best friend and she was telling me how she did all these things today. She ripped up her carpet, did normal housework like sweeping and vacuuming, planted all kinds of plants, washed walls and did umpteen errands this morning. I was like wow, that’s insane you can accomplish that on your day off. I barely get half of that done on a normal day.
    There is nothing against her and I’m absolutely amazed that she can achieve all this. This is not me saying I don’t like her cause she’s crazy better than me at life but I am sayin’, hey girl! I need some lessons. I’m thinking I need to set like a legit schedule on top of my schedule already that way I don’t get to deep in whatever I am doing. Like today I started to separate my clothes; This turned into a all day event that involved vacuum bags and cleaning the attic. It is now late and I have about 6 bags and a mess of clothes everywhere and the attic is completely unorganized. Will I be able to do it tomorrow? I’d like to pretend that I might have a chance but my nephew has graduation from preschool and I have shots AND I have to take my mom to get labs done for her heart before she has surgery in a couple weeks.
    It’s sorta discouraging that I have not found a technique for getting what I want done, done. So here is the shout out for someone to create something for me. I need something like one of those energy shots only that gives you extra energy and makes you concentrate more and move faster and heck, make it give you like some kind of super power to slow time down. Yes, I need a brilliant mind to figure this out and deliver it to me then we can get married. You’re obviously smart and you made something for me.
     Let’s get married. I’m not a hard woman to please. You listen to my ideas and crazy fantasies and discover a way to make them happen. It’s the perfect partnership. I complain and you still love me, why can’t I find a person like this? I can answer this myself actually. No one wants to listen to me complain about anything and I never get any thing done so I don’t get a right to complain. Yeah, I understand why I am single.
    I think I’m hitting that point where I’m seeing couples and I’m starting to yearn for the companionship. Back to the point…. I need like rocket boosters for my life and brain. So the only logically theory I can see here is to find Jimmy Neutron to solve all my problems. That shouldn’t be to hard. If any one else wants to take a punch at it though, I’m here; I’m waiting.

    Product Review- Clinical Digitial Thermometer

    I received this thermometer to test a few days ago. The thermometer is from Bygrop LLC.

    With a little one around, having a thermometer is a must have in the house. We are constantly using a thermometer and finding one that is handy to use and comfortable for the little one is sometimes a hard task as a momma. It makes it even harder when the little ones are sick and squirming because they don’t want their temperature taken.
    This thermometer is great. It has a soft flexible tip that makes it comfortable to place where ever you are using it and if they are squirming it gives some so it doesn’t fall out of their mouths or from their under arm.

    I also really like that there is a series of beeps when the temperature is measured and goes off. My little dude likes to cry when he feels bad. Missing the beeping noise on a normal thermometer is something that I am used to. This thermometer seems to just grab your attention.
    It comes with an extra battery and I think that is super handy and convenient.The instructions are easy to read and even give you information on how to get rid of the device when you are no longer in need.
    This is a great device and a handy one that you should invest in!
    Here is the link if you want to purchase the item:

    Clinical Digital Thermometer