Product Review-Activated Charcoal Powder

Here is another product that I got to test.I got to try activated charcoal powder from Premier Home by Moody Zook. This is what I thought of the activated charcoal powder:
This is a great powder. It is very fine giving it less of a course feeling when it is used. I love using it to make face masks and help keep my gums healthy and clean. The face mask that I make can be made thicker or thinner. How ever I choose to do. I like my masks typically a little bit thicker.Β  This comes in a package that helps it keep it un-messy and organized. It is packed in a bag that has all the product information on it and then inside that package is another package. Both have an easy zipper to keep the contents sealed in tight. Making my face masks is super easy. I only add a few products and it makes my skin super smooth and I feel refreshed after each use.
This powder is something that should be part of everyone’s beauty routine.
You wanna start making your own masks here is where to order it.
Activated Charcoal powder


Rescued Animals

Is it weird that I have this fantasy future of rescuing animals? Like when they go to the pound and nobody wants them. I want to be that person that gets a call to come get them and rehabilitate them. Then we all can be happy together. Except I want them to go on to something greater. I want to give them love so they know what to expect from people then send them off for show biz. Maybe they don’t want that life style. Maybe they would be better suited working with people in hospitals. Or even maybe just going to a family that needs a good animal.
I feel like this is a silly want but I can’t help but wonder how awesome it would be to get to work with them and have them so excited to see you every day. Plus you know once they get out there and are doing their thing in the world, I still expect to get post cards from them.
“Having a great time here in Cali! Love, Dewy the Dalmation”
“Would love for you to see all that kids that I get to take care of! Love, Pete the Great Dane”
“People adore me here. I am just the absolute best! Love Fluffy the Cat”
“You won’t believe the family that I have here! We miss you! Love, Scuttles the Rabbit and Bo the Lamb”

This should be everyone’s dream. I’m just saying that it would be the best life to live.Β 

Product review- Antislip Bath mat

I got to try out this bath mat from H-set. Everyone loves a good bathmat, Check out what this mat is like when I tried it. I’ve got all the odd and ends tucked in the paragraph below!

Let me just start by saying that this bath mat stinks. I opened it, and was immediately hit with an overwhelming odor. i slid it back in the box to make sure I read the instructions correctly. I jerked it back out and quickly unrolled it to stick it underwater. I let it soak for a little while before hanging it back up to dry and it still had an odor. I let it soak 3 or 4 more times before the odor actually went away. It states that before you use it to let some water run over it and then push it down to make sure that it grips. I always have trouble with my bath mats slipping, i have no idea what I am doing different than other people. So I patiently took my time to make sure that it had gripped before my shower and then got in. It would start to slide some each time I got in. Now, if I decided to take a bath it would stick for me and I would have no trouble with it sliding. Getting it up and letting it dry is no issue either. So the issue I had was it has a pattern that helps your feet grip to it but doesn’t want to stay steady-ly gripped to my tub.
If you are looking for a bath mat and think this is what your bathtub needs. Order one from here:

Product Review- The Magic Lift

I received this product from Elba Product to try out and let you all know what I think about it. Here is my experience:
I really wanted this to work better but i don’t feel like it did a terrible job. Yeah, it is sticky and no fun to put on at all. It even dries with a little filmy look like some of the other reviews say. I did feel it tightening though. It felt like it was tightening not long after I put it on. I decided that instead of putting it on in the mornings and then washing it off before I went and did what I have to do for the day, that I would try putting it on at night and washing it off in the mornings. This worked way better for me. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. I think that if you don’t have time to work with this product then it shouldn’t be gotten but if you have the time it is worth the buy.
Β Want to try it too?
The Magic Lift

Product Review- BreastUltimate

I received some breast enlargement pills from Big Deals and Steals. Here is what I have to say about this product:
I’m not saying yay but eh. I’ve been taking them for a couple weeks and let me just start off by saying I am not a fan of the smell of these. I have definitely have smelled worse but this is not something I wake up every morning excited about. I haven’t noticed any size increase as long as I have been taking them but I have notice some firmness and a little perkiness. I will say that I am very pleased with that. I will have to keep being persistent and see if there is any changes beyond that. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. If you are willing to commit to using these pills, I think that you will see at least some type of effect which could either be firmness or as some of the other reviews claim increase in cup size.
If you wanna give them a try follow my link:

Product Review- ceramide facial cream

I recieved this I-MAX Cream from Maxlife USA. Here is my opinion that I formed after using this product:
I was surprised by how much this worked. The first thing that you need to know is that this does not have a good smell at all. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to handle putting it on but after that first step, it goes great. It’s a good consistency. It sat where it was put and didn’t run at all but it wasn’t clumpy and chunky either. It had a thickness of baby lotion in my opinion which is something that I like. After rubbing it on and letting it work, the first thing that I noticed when I took it off was how bright my skin looked. I am glowing and my skin is super soft. I didn’t use any type of product before I tried this product and I am pleased. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. I really like it as a whole but I would love to find a way to fix the smell.
Wanna rub some on ya face and see how glowy you look?
I-MAX Cream