Product test-Shower Curtain Gliders

I’m not going to lie. I got way to excited to hear that I got to try this product. My mom has some and loves them. So when Depot Import sent out the email that I got to test out their rustproof friction free gliding hooks, I was ready right then and there.
Here is what I had to say about them.
These are great! They are really lightweight compared to the hooks that I had previously. The hooks that I was using would get caught as I pulled the shower curtain forward and back and these let my shower curtain glide really easily. They are shiny and stand out in my bathroom. I like that they have the little balls on them because it seems like taking a shower and cleaning my tub is effortless now. They glide across the bar and snap off and on easily. I don’t know why I never had these before.
If you want to give these a try here is the link:
Rustproof Shower curtain Gliders



I had this dream the other night. It was the most bizarre and stressful thing that I think I have ever dreamed about. Which is really weird because the dream was about paint. Not just any paint but gray paint. The most bland paint in the world and I had a dream about it.

In this dream I am in my best friends kitchen with a woman that I don’t know and can not recognize in any part of my life. She had brunette hair that went to her shoulders and was thin and taller than me. My entire dream was in gray like the old classic television. One that you may know commonly is I love Lucy. All gray. I’m not sure how I knew she had brown hair now that I think about it.
We were sitting there and she was just screaming at me and I was in a panic. She kept screaming over and over ‘Pick the f**king color. Pick the color now!’ and this was making me stress because they were all the same color gray to me. There was probably about 50 swatches in front of me but every single one did not vary in any degree. They were just all gray.
When I would point at one and say I pick the gray one she would scream louder that it wasn’t gray and to actually pick one.

There was nothing else going on in this dream. It was just us two sitting in my best friends kitchen with color swatches in front of us. Stress and screaming.

I can’t tell you what this means or really much anything else about it but it has been stuck in my mind since I had it. I had it about two weeks ago actually. I woke up from it and was still extremely nervous that I picked the wrong one. No, I am not painting either. It was just a weird dream about paint.

To the boy with the brown eyes

You and I are an odd pair. We have been friends for a while and sometimes it hasn’t been constant or steady. Truthfully, it hasn’t been more the lack of being together like friends do rather than talking to each other occasionally. There are the times when fate throws us back together in life and we pick up where we left off. I have been thinking a lot about you lately.
I’ve been having conflicting thoughts about liking you more than just a friend. It’s troubling me because I feel like I should know better. I should be having thoughts like this. I shouldn’t be curious what it would be like..but I am.
I remember, when I was pregnant. There hasn’t been a single man touch my stomach, not even his father. There wasn’t anyone interested in it but of course I hid myself away too. I’m not sure who I would had let get that close to me even.
I wonder if you remember.
I remember the first time you felt him kick.
You were always so excited but you had never felt him move. When we dropped you off he was moving and you placed your hand on my tummy and he kicked you.You stared at the tiny little spot where he kicked and laughed and whispered I felt him. I saw you cry for the first time. You held it together for a guy but I saw you wipe the tears away. 
This single memory has stuck with me until this day. I think that was the first time that you realized he was alive and a person. I think that was, for a moment, you getting to experience love for the first time. And I got to be there with you.
I haven’t always been a good friend. I wasn’t always there when you needed someone. I shoved you away when you wanted to get close. I got you into so much trouble and I feel guilty about it every time that I think about you.
I have done so much damage that it is hard for me to understand what kind of impact I must of had on you. I’ve never apologized to you except when I ruined your most valuable possession. Then I just cried and wouldn’t let you go because I had done what you had specifically told me not to.
I carry a lot of grief thinking about you. I want to say that I cared more about you than I did me but I was selfish and didn’t give a second thought.
All the bad decisions.
All the shoving and running.
All the times I never stood up for you.
I’m sorry.
 You are such a gift and blessing that I don’t deserve.
 Also, congratulations on this new romance. I can tell that you are genuine about it and from what I have seen she looks like she is in love. When I think about it, I actually can’t recall you being in a serious relationship except one. I am truly happy that you found someone that adores you. I hope one day I find that too.

Until we talk, thank you.
Thank you for making me feel younger than I am. For actually caring what I have to say when I speak. For still being my friend after all these embarrassing years. I hope that I have given you just as much from our friendship.

Product review- Eyelash Serum

So I got this eyelash serum to try and I actually really enjoyed using it. This serum is from New york Biology. This is what I thought about it.
I wasn’t sure what to expect when I got this to try. I have heard lots of good things about eyelash serums so I was eager to try this one. I was expecting the serum to be a clear color but it has this brownish tint to it. Applying it is easy and as easy as applying mascara. Actually easier because you don’t have to try and make sure that it is in a straight-ish line. Just have to apply along the lashes. I did not experience any irritation but when I used it on my friend she has a slight tingle. I did not experience any growth but I did have my lashes look very conditioned and they looked fuller and thicker. If I give it more time I am sure that they will appear longer to me.
Go get check this serum out and you’ll thank me later.
Eyelash Serum