Product Review- Proof Phone case

So I just got a new phone. Had it about a week, a week tomorrow. I had the galaxy note 7 and you know how they were exploding and all that nonsense? Well I traded it in for just the galaxy s7 edge. Its pretty much the same thing but without the stylist. I’ve been enjoying it but the glass back makes me extremely uncomfortable and i handle it with the craziest care.
I had this wonderful company work with me and send me a phone case for my new phone. Sunwukin sent me a phone case it is just world proof. Water proof, snow proof, dust proof, dirt proof, shock proof. This makes me happy and excited that I was able to try this new product. Here is what I had to say about it:
This case is great! It comes with instructions that tell you how to test it before you put your phone in to make sure that it works correctly and that your phone doesn’t get damaged. My phone case had no issues with the water test. It also comes with instruction on how to put the case on and make sure that you have a correct seal and how to take it back off. This phone case is very slim and lightweight which is something that I like. All the buttons are easy to press. I am very impressed.
You need a new case and want something that is a little more proof than you’d expect? Follow this link and see if they have a case for you:
Phone Case


Product Review-Compression Socks

I got some wonderful compression socks to try and before I even tell you anything; Y’all need compression socks just cause they’re amazing and totally work it. I love compression socks with everything inside of me. Now, AprilTex was kind enough to send me a pair to wear and frolic with and you can already guess how this is going to go:
These compression socks are some of my favorite. I spent a lot of time working in the pharmacy which meant that I was always up and moving and standing getting my daily tasks done. I was suggested compression socks to help relieve the pressure from my calves. I have gone through several pairs. These compression socks don’t loose their support like most pairs I have found do over time wearing them. These socks stay up at my knees all day long. These are wonderful for when you are on your feet all day!
I’m not saying you have to but I am saying worth it!
Compression Socks

Product Review- Wrist wraps

I had the chance to check out some wrist wraps last week. It was something new that I didn’t have a lot of experience in and learning and researching about them was pretty neat. I got to tey them from Body mania. If you wanna know what I thought about them, keep on reading!
These are very practical. They are also very uncomfortable. They fit firmly on the wrist making sure that everything is sturdy and doesn’t get hurt in any way. They have the thumb strap to prevent them from sliding when you are really working up a sweat and they adjust to where you can fit them correctly around the wrist.
If you want to know how to get a hold of these wrist wraps and start using them, follow this link.
Wrist Wraps

Product Review- Bibber Buddy Sunscreen Flask

They’re all the rage now and everyone is using them. Whether for a gag or to sneak drinks somewhere, these are the things to get. No clue what I am talking about? Listen up.
I got some pretty interesting flasks sent to me last week from Centrion Goods. They are sunscreen bottles and it is pretty legit. Here is what I said:
These are pretty cool. They are very standard and look exactly like a sunscreen bottle. They come with a little funnel and stickers which makes getting it in the flask easier. This product did not come with instructions though which for some people is a little bit of an inconvenience. These flasks are pretty straight forward on how to use them though. The bottles are lightweight so when they are filled they fill like they are the normal weight of the sunscreen.
Wanna check them out and see what you think, follow this link
Bibber Buddy Sunscreen Flask