Product Review- Cat eye sunglasses

So i had these great sunglasses sent to me last week from WearMe Pro. I got the chance to take these out last weekend and use them. Here is what I think about them!
Everyone knows I have a love for sunglasses. Saying that my love for these sunglasses is great would be an understatement. I truly suggest getting these amazing things. They are extremely fashionable which is something everyone looks for when they look at sunglasses. They are mirrored lenses which is something I love. I got the pink pair and I really like that from a front view they are pink but the shade changes when you move your head. These are comfortable and lightweight. I think the weightlessness and comfortablity is something can all agree on.
If you want to get a pair of these check them out here:
Cat eye Sunglasses



I can’t even describe what has been going on lately. I pretty much got washed out to sea with every day life. I’ve gotten behind with this blog and haven’t really had a chance to release any creativity. I feel like I am backed up and have no idea what to do. I just feel like I have let everything get away from me. I’ve decided to set up alarms to help me keep time this week. It hasn’t gone as I planned considering that I have just felt awful since Monday. Hopefully this will pass and I will transition into a pattern. I’m getting stressed and I think my body is freaking out. I keep getting more spots. They are uncomfortable. I suppose we just keep trying and see where it takes us. It’s good to be on a schedule. I’ll let you know how it goes.Β 

Product Review- Progress SOAP and H&P Notebook

This is the notebook to have. This is designed for taking quick notes while talking and interacting with patients. The pages are thick so there isn’t an issue of them sticking to getting and having to struggle to get them apart or actually having them rip when you are trying to use them. It is small and compact for when you are on the go so you can carry it around with you . I also really like that the pages are double sided and if you want they are perforated so if you want or need to tear a page out you can do it with ease. Go check it out, could be something that you could use: