Thoughtful Thursday-Dream dreams

“Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true.”

We all have dreams that we hope some day we can achieve. Getting that perfect body, going after the career that you want and making it, having the house you always dreamed of. These in theory are achievable but why do we put restrictions on ourselves making them seem so unattainable?
We have seen many people have these amazing stories where they overcome these obstacles in their lives and get to their dreams, something they never thought they would be able to achieve. Many star athletes have this very story.
There is one word that separates wishing and dreaming. Dedication. If you put in the work to get where you want to be then you will get there but wanting it to happen without even trying will leave it being just something always out of reach. You want that body you have to dedicate yourself to going after it. Eating correct and working out according to your goal is what will get you there. If you eat something that you aren’t supposed to or miss one work out, then it happened. Don’t let it get in your head and stop right there. To get you will have ups and downs; It should just fuels the fire more to get there.
You want that career that you dreamed about having as a child then dedicate your time to learning the skill and in your free time find ways to put in practice of the trade. Don’t just think that you can walk in and get it if you have not idea about any of it. They’re careers so it does take some knowledge of what you are doing or want to be doing.
You have to put in the work or “pay the price” to get where you want to be in life. 


Q&A Monday-Honesty

What is the biggest barrier to you and your full honesty?
I don’t think that I have much of a barrier between me and my honesty. I feel like they are one in the same. Sometimes I think I may be a little too honest for some liking. Overall, I think that I keep it real and say what I feel about the subject or situation. I do have a couple phrases I use when I don’t want to hurt the persons feelings and I know I will when I say what I am thinking. I usually use ‘ I don’t know. What do you feel/think about it?’ Don’t get confused with my normal use of the phrase I don’t know because that is my favorite thing to use when I can’t make a choice or don’t really have an opinion.
So,there is that. Extremely confusing and totally honest, because that is who I am as a person!

Q&A Monday-Death

What scares you the most about dying?
I think what scares me the most about dying is having the uncertainty of what will actually happen. Will it be just like falling asleep and going to battle when the day comes like the bible says? Will we wake up as a new person or thing like Hinduism or Buddhism says? Will that just be it and nothing comes afterwards like some believe?
I know that I should be comfortable in my faith that death shouldn’t scare me one ounce but it does. It has honestly scared me for various reasons as I have grown. As a child when I was about 8 I had the revelation that I and everyone that I loved dearly was going to die. I don’t know where the thought came from but it was while I was laying in bed one night and I cried about it forever. Then as a teenager I realized that in my faith some off my family would not be with me and I would not get to be with them. As an adult, I think my fear is leaving behind all that I haven’t accomplished and want to do with my life.
I don’t want to give it up and I don’t want my life taken away so what is a happy medium? I think this is one thing that I will never be able to get over until the time comes just have to go. Which I am sure that by the time it happens I will be ready but until then, I am here overthinking it.

Creative Writing- Together

   I never understood why no one ever liked him. To me he is the best in the world. He always is full of surprises and brings something new for me every time that we met. He comes at you full force which is why I assume a lot of people never liked him. He isn’t shy about showing up and being there either. He knows where he was supposed to be and makes sure that he was known when he arrives like the youngest child of a large family would.
   His brother will sneak in lazily behind him. He never wants to be noticed but when he is, he is always welcome where ever he goes. He brings an attitude that he is warm and laid back. Everyone wants to be around him because life is just so relaxed and not rushed. He’s like the guy you see on the subway with his earbuds in just enjoying the music.
   Their sister wants to have the most attention because she is stuck in the middle. She craves to have people want her around. She doesn’t have a certain group that she belongs to and that bothers her. Although that led her to have a peculiar group of friends that she did love.  She’s like the moments between the thunder and lightening.
   Their older sister is the person you could run to if you wanted to lay in bed and watch movies all day. She isn’t particularly interested in being with other people and wants to keep to herself but welcomes anyone that wants to hang out with her and do nothing. She’s like the feeling of getting to sit in an empty theater and watch a movie that you have been wanting to see.
   Their oldest brothers are twins and love to mess around and have fun. They are always getting into trouble and finding ways to create mischief. They love being around people and people love being around them. They are the life of the party. They’re like when you are driving down the highway with all the windows open and the music blaring.
   Finally, their eldest sister is the perfect one. She has a way of bringing ease to everything that she does and it makes everyone around her relax with any situation. She is always trying to push boundaries and over achieving all that she sets her mind to. She is like a warm beach on a summer day. She is graceful with everything that she does.

Hope y’all got the reference in this! If you didn’t give it a few guesses. Did you get it yet? This is about each of the weekdays starting with Monday. Hope you enjoyed!

Creative writing- Run

The lights have been flickering all day since I woke up. Something feels off today and I can’t figure out what it is. Everything seems fine and as normal as any other day except for these lights. I woke up and started my day like the rest of the days by wandering sleepily to the bathroom to get ready for the day. I start the shower and take my time making sure that I wake up fully and climb out. I wring my hair out at the vanity and grab my toothbrush and begin brushing my teeth.
I walk out into my closet and get dressed for the day. Jeans and a light t-shirt, nothing going on except running some errands.
I walk down stairs and start the coffee machine. The hissing and popping let me know that it’s working. I grab an apple and bite into it waiting for the coffee. I look out across the backyard and see the neighbors dog laying lazily in the sun and sleeping. The lights flicker longer this time and I decide that after coffee I will call and have someone come check it out to see what it going on.
The coffee pot sputters and hisses one last time before I grab my cup and fill it up. I sip on it as I walk through the hallway and stop at the closet to slip on my shoes. I grab my bag and take my cup back to the kitchen and sit it in the sink. I glance once more at the sky and see nothing but blue and puffy white clouds. A good day to go out and enjoy the weather.
I start my walk in the living room, looking at myself in the mirror over the fire place to make sure that I look decent before going out. The lights flash off and darkness engulfs the house. A few moments later the lights come back on with a humming sound. I’m still looking at the mirror and where I was looking at myself is a note with one run scribbled across it; Run. Goosebumps run across my body. Someone must be in my house but why would they leave a note that says this. My curiosity gets the best of my and I go over to examine the message.
I flip the note over and over in my hand. I can’t figure out why anyone would leave this note or how they managed to move so fast. I turn around as I hear a rumbling coming from beneath my feet, then the bright flash of light blinds me. Something is burning my skin and I try to scream out but no sound comes from my throat. My body thumps against the ground and debris rolls across me. I can see flicking bits of fire all over where my house once stood. The breath is weakly leaving my lungs when I catch a glimpse of someone standing just beyond the debris. I recognize this person. It is me.
Sirens echo faintly in the background as everything goes black.