Thoughtful Thursday- Light in your eyes

“I never need to see the sun again, there is enough light in your eyes to light up the whole world.”

Anyone have that one person that when you see them they just make your whole day better? It doesn’t have to be romantically. Could be a family member like a grandma or a best friend. These are the people that you need to keep in your life. The ones that makes your life light up even when you are having the worst day. I could have the worst day of my life and go to my grandmas house and it would feel like everything in the universe is fine.


Thoughtful Thursday- Waiting for the storm

“If you spend your whole life waiting for the storm, you’ll never enjoy the sunshine.”

We all know things that we don’t want to happen are going to happen. Sometimes bad luck just strikes and there is nothing that you can do about it. If you spend all your time waiting for something bad to happen or trying to avoid it happening you are going to miss out what is going on around you. Focus on what is happening now and enjoy it.

Q&A Monday-Fictional Characters

Write a letter to a fictional character.
Dear Julia,
You are a twat. I do not like you. I thought I would like you in the beginning but like it happens in most friendships you turned out to be self centered and insane. I’m not saying I hope you die but if Reynard did get a hold of you, I wouldn’t be upset. You kinda deserve it.
Love Always,

Dear Reynard,
Hey dude. I know you’re this little, conniving douche which is cool. Stay in your lane and we’ve got no worries but if you wanna take care of Julia a little quicker I have no complaints.
Love your work,

No one talk to me, I’m angry at Julia again.

Thoughtful Thursday- Beauty

“Think of the beauty still left around you and be happy.”

If you are having problems seeing the beauty in yourself look around at everything around you. The trees, flowers, grass, animals, newborns, children, a mother and/or fathers love for a child, the smell of a meal that you want, listening to your favorite song, warm sheets, a clear night full of stars and the moon.
There are a lot of things that carry beauty that we don’t take time to appreciate. Their beauty doesn’t change or go away when no one is looking at them.
With that being said, Look at yourself and appreciate how beautiful you are because you are beautiful.

Q&A Monday-Courage

“If I had the courage, I would..”
This is lame but I would ask a dude out. Let me explain a little. I am super awkward so when I go in to see if they like me or are interested in any way, I just kinda repeat the same thing over and over and then panic and don’t know what to say so then it either just ends or worse. I get a little liquid courage going and talk about how amazing they are and how I want to make out with them which leads to them to stop talking to me.
I am definitely one of those people who expect the guy to make the first move and ask me out. Sorry guys!

Q&A Monday-Influnce

Which book most influenced your life?
Y’all this is going to sound insane but I have read a lot of books in my life. So when I think back to it the little house on the prairie books really influenced me. So my mom would read this series to me and it really made like this special bond because I can still think back to being excited to listen to her read to me. It also relates because its sorta about this family overcoming obstacles together which I think has been our family. Though The Little Farmer Boy was my favorite book out of the collection, I really don’t remember much of it. I would love to find that book again just so I can re read.
Here are some honorable mentions:
Charolettes Web
The Lovely Bones
Flowers in the Attic
Thunder Cakes
The Help

These are just some and there is one book that when I find I will let you know what it is called but I read it in high school and I truly fell in love with it. I read it my junior year and it was beautifully written about this minor that had to deal with being forced into a marriage and learning to love him and when she finally does his brother comes in rapes her. She is so ashamed of it that it takes her time to understand and open up about it because she is sure that her husband wont want her any more.

Thoughtful Thursday-Break down a door

“Don’t waste a minute not being happy. If one window closes, run to the next window- or break down a door.”

You should make sure that you focus on being happy. We all struggle with this because we want approval and that is not the same as happiness. I think sometimes it is good to disconnect and step out and enjoy life. Take in each moment and forget to take pictures because you are so in the moment. Don’t worry about anything else except what you are doing and having fun.

Q&A Monday-Grateful

“I am most grateful for..”
I am grateful for a lot of things. Like a lot because I’m not sure how I would handle the world if I weren’t so blessed. I guess what I am most grateful for is the insane amount of family and friends that surround me and support me in everything that I do or take on. I mean my best friend is my number one supporter when it comes to my novel. She is constantly pushing me to do it and knows how much it means to me and understands that it is my calling. She has really kept me going when I have been ready to give up. My family and friends reach out and celebrate me when there is an occasion. There are people that send their love that I have never met and they just tell me how proud they are and that they love me. I mean there are some people from my sons paternal family that reach out to me and help and encourage me so much.
I really have been so blessed to be surrounded by such an amazing group of people.