Q&A Monday-Courage

“If I had the courage, I would..”
This is lame but I would ask a dude out. Let me explain a little. I am super awkward so when I go in to see if they like me or are interested in any way, I just kinda repeat the same thing over and over and then panic and don’t know what to say so then it either just ends or worse. I get a little liquid courage going and talk about how amazing they are and how I want to make out with them which leads to them to stop talking to me.
I am definitely one of those people who expect the guy to make the first move and ask me out. Sorry guys!


Q&A Monday-Strange and inappropriate

What are the 3 strangest or most inappropriate sex dreams you have ever had?
This is such a funny topic to go with. One because I don’t want anyone to read this and be like I know exactly who that is or for someone in my family to be like oh, girl! Haha. But I am going to go ahead and answer this one. I have two that automatically come to my mind when I read this question so hopefully by the time I get to the end I will have a third one.
So my first one that I won’t admit has happened more than once is of this older man that I know. He is super sweet and kind and actually funny. I am very good friends with his wife and she is such a doll and I used to be pretty good friends with his youngest stepson. So if I haven’t painted the most awkward picture for you then you should also know that I met him in church and went to church with him for a long time.
Any who, I just have a pretty basic dream of us getting it on in the church and apparently we are travels because I have dreamed of having sex with him in every single room in the building. There was even a point where his wife joined in.
Next. I had this dream a couple of times and it’s really nothing weird but it is weird because of who it is. My friend really had this thing for a guy we pretty much grew up with. You know, they were soulmates and all that business. So I had this dream that he snuck in my house and we just made passionate love for eternity. Like I’ve never experienced anything this passionate. I was so embarrassed when I told her about it. She urged me to reach out and see what he would say. He was cool with just hooking up but not so much with me as a person.
Finally, this dream isn’t about me but it is about sex so just hear me out. So I have this thing where I dream something and write it down and then when it happens in reality it is straight deja vu. It scares me a little sometimes. So I had this dream quiet a few years ago about my ex and in the dream he and I were together at my moms house and there was an explosion or something that happened down the street so he told me to stay here and went to see what it was. Then an earthquake and I was still waiting but he wasn’t coming back so I went out to look for him and I looked up into a window where he was kissing this girl and bout to get down with her. I didn’t know who she was or anything but I did realize later on that she was the one that he would get together with, fall in love and almost propose to. I also recognize the analogy of my dream to my life. But yeah, that was pretty weird.

So there you go. The strangest thing you could ever know about me sexually. You are welcome, I guess.