Thoughtful Thursday- Beauty

“Think of the beauty still left around you and be happy.”

If you are having problems seeing the beauty in yourself look around at everything around you. The trees, flowers, grass, animals, newborns, children, a mother and/or fathers love for a child, the smell of a meal that you want, listening to your favorite song, warm sheets, a clear night full of stars and the moon.
There are a lot of things that carry beauty that we don’t take time to appreciate. Their beauty doesn’t change or go away when no one is looking at them.
With that being said, Look at yourself and appreciate how beautiful you are because you are beautiful.


Thoughtful Thursday- Misery

“Misery is almost always the result of thinking.”

I have never read anything truer. I can over think, rethink, and over rethink. My mind is a mess and tries to create a mess in my life. I can always get to myself thinking about something that I could had done better or something that I forgot to do. There are times where I think about something I could had said or something I could had done.
I get miserable thinking about what I could do or should had done instead of focusing on what is here in front of my, on what I can do now. It strips me of getting things done. It’s like a circle that you can’t stop once you let it get started.

Q&A Monday- Redos

If you could start your life over, what three things would you change?
I mean I am pretty content with where I am in life. I want to be further in things in my life but I don’t think I would do much different. If I need to make the choices though, I think I would had pushed myself to try a lot more things instead of my wondering what it would had been like and checking to see how to do it now. I would probably would learned more from my dad. He loved being in the kitchen and cooking and I’m just now wanted to deepen my cooking knowledge. I can bake pretty well like my mom but I want to know how to do more stove top dishes. Finally I don’t think that I would had ever stopped writing poems and shirt stories. I really did a lot of that in middle school and at the beginning of high school but I wanted a social life so I stopped and got really involved with school work. But writing is a passion so I have picked it back up and trying to learn new techniques and I can honestly say that I can compare works and see a lot of differences.