Q&A Monday-Yeah, I know

What are you wearing right now, Why are you wearing it?
Jeans, T-shirt, and boots. I am wearing it because it’s frowned upon to go in public naked. I have nowhere to be so this is the look for today. The more you know.


Q&A Monday-Influnce

Which book most influenced your life?
Y’all this is going to sound insane but I have read a lot of books in my life. So when I think back to it the little house on the prairie books really influenced me. So my mom would read this series to me and it really made like this special bond because I can still think back to being excited to listen to her read to me. It also relates because its sorta about this family overcoming obstacles together which I think has been our family. Though The Little Farmer Boy was my favorite book out of the collection, I really don’t remember much of it. I would love to find that book again just so I can re read.
Here are some honorable mentions:
Charolettes Web
The Lovely Bones
Flowers in the Attic
Thunder Cakes
The Help

These are just some and there is one book that when I find I will let you know what it is called but I read it in high school and I truly fell in love with it. I read it my junior year and it was beautifully written about this minor that had to deal with being forced into a marriage and learning to love him and when she finally does his brother comes in rapes her. She is so ashamed of it that it takes her time to understand and open up about it because she is sure that her husband wont want her any more.

Q&A Monday-Grateful

“I am most grateful for..”
I am grateful for a lot of things. Like a lot because I’m not sure how I would handle the world if I weren’t so blessed. I guess what I am most grateful for is the insane amount of family and friends that surround me and support me in everything that I do or take on. I mean my best friend is my number one supporter when it comes to my novel. She is constantly pushing me to do it and knows how much it means to me and understands that it is my calling. She has really kept me going when I have been ready to give up. My family and friends reach out and celebrate me when there is an occasion. There are people that send their love that I have never met and they just tell me how proud they are and that they love me. I mean there are some people from my sons paternal family that reach out to me and help and encourage me so much.
I really have been so blessed to be surrounded by such an amazing group of people.

Q&A Monday- I wish

“I wish I knew these three things for sure…”
I wish that i knew what this question really means. I assume that it means from the past, i wish I knew this before it happened but it could also mean I wish I knew this for sure because it is troubling me.
I guess I will answer both tenses.
So when I was younger I wish that I knew to keep up the writing because that is something that I want to pursue in my life.
I wish that I knew that it is okay to be different and not really get upset by peoples opinions.
I wish that I knew that credit cards are not good and I should never touch one.

I wish I knew what it was like after death so I could get over that anxiety.
I wish I knew how technology worked so I could figure out how to use it. I feel dumb.
I wish I knew George Clooney. Cause yes and I love him and since I can’t marry him I will accept being his best friend that lives with him and does everything with him.

Haha I’m using that George one because that was clever and it’s true. Send him my way!

Q&A Monday-Skills

What are the top 5 skills you wish you had?
1. I wish I could learn foreign languages as easy as I learn new hobbies. It took me 45 minutes to learn to say my ABC’s backwards fast and I can still do it to this day. When I drink to much, I say them backwards as fast as I can 3 times to bring myself back from that line that I am about to cross.
2. I want to learn how to use power tools without being a danger to myself and everyone around me. Eventually I will be able to do this but right now that is a big no-no.
3. I am working on this one and it truly is a struggle. I’m trying to learn how to accept a compliment. You know, sometimes I think that people compliment me but really they are just complimenting themselves and how they make me better so I pretty much avoid them. Now, I have made it to the point where if I am feeling myself and I get a compliment. I’m like thanks, I know I am hella sexy today.
4.I think that I need to have some life saving skills. I have always wanted to take like a CPR class just in case anything came up I would be able to do everything in my power to help. Just something that I have wanted to do since I was a teenager.
5.I wish I knew how to use a sewing machine better. I have used one twice in my life and I can hand stitch. Hand stitching is pretty easy. Using a machine with pointy thing bobbing up and down while your hands are down there is terrifying. I can thread the machine which is supposedly the hard part so I think I just need more time with the machine to get used to it.

Q&A Monday-Procrastination

“The thing I do most often when I am supposed to be doing something else is…”
I have several things that I do when I am supposed to be doing something else. First off is I put music on and just enjoy. Music is everything so really I also multitask with music playing like specifically I have to have head buds in when I am writing or it never gets anywhere. I also will put on a movie to have some back ground noise going and magically it’s like I have never seen this show before and I sit and re watch the whole thing. I can usually put on tv shows and it doesn’t affect me but when I put on a show that I have never watched it always seems to create a monster and I will watch a whole season without moving. That’s how I got into the show the magicians and was obsessed with getting the book. I also have a bad habit of getting on pinterest and just looking through everything that I shouldn’t be. I can’t tell you how many boards I have, it is getting out of hand. I also get on Amazon and “window shop”. I make wish lists for everything and every occasion. I have a 4th of July wish list, I have a movies and books wish list, I even have a wish list for each of the pets I have. The amazon thing really is when I want to avoid everything and I could go for days just making new wish lists.

Q&A Monday- Ashamed

‘The thing that I would be most ashamed for someone to know about me it…’
This is actually pretty hard to answer. I can think of a couple but I don’t really want to talk about them so I will bring up the first one that popped up in my mind. When I was around 13 I used to climb to the roof of a friends house with some beers that we would sneak with out her dad knowing. I don’t like the idea of people knowing that I had beer when I was that young or that I would sneak them. Just feels like I should had been more responsible or been a better example. I did it though and I can’t change it now.

Q&A Monday- Change

“If I could change one thing in the world, it would be..”
I feel like I have already done a what I would change in the world but that’s OK if I did because there is always things that need to change and as a person I hope that I evolve as the world evolves.
I think that I would change the types of hearts people carry around and help them open them and stop putting so many shields up. I think that it is ok to hurt and have those feelings of joy and anger and sadness.
Realistically, I know that could never change because you know people don’t want to do that and that’s as far as it would get. I think that ideally taking care of animals and children would be my next focus area. I would want to put in a certain screening in for having to work with children or animals because it really does take special people to do that. You can’t have aggression with either and they both really do take a lot of patience. Kids are sent to schools with teachers that are only looking for what they think is an easy job and could really care less about each individual child. If they have a special need that is just too much time and energy to focus on one thing. Same goes for animals at shelters or where ever else there could be neglect. I just want every one to understand that these little guys take a lot of time and energy.
Animals and kids all have different personalities. You can’t know what has happened at their homes. You can’t know what kind of mental issues they have. You can’t know the abuse and neglect that they have gone through. I mean I don’t work in either of these professions but I this is what I feel. Β 

Q&A Monday- Tomorrow

“Tomorrow will be better because I learned…”
I think tomorrow will be better because I learned a different way to get things done. I heard that if you make things a priority then you get things done right then and you won’t be trying to squeeze time out of the day that you don’t have. So if you make it a priority then it gets done and then you move on to the next important thing that is now the priority. So far so good, I hope that I can keep it up because it really does work from what I have experienced.

Q&A Monday- Time Traveling

A time traveler offers to kidnap your child self so you can raise her? Do you do it?
I don’t think I would accept this offer because there are parenting styles that I have picked up from each parent and there are some that I create/started on my own. I think my biggest question is how does it alter future or current me since I am raised different. I for sure just think this is a bad idea all in all, for both parties.